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The excuses we use that prevent us from reaching our savings goals

22nd April 2022

Excuses, we all have them!

In fact, many of us fall into the trap of using excuses to limit our own capabilities - particularly when it comes to our finances.

Excuses are often a way to avoid taking responsibility. Making excuses is normal from time to time but once they start to interfere with your life and prevent you from reaching your goals, it’s time to learn how to stop making them!

Here are the most common excuses we hear when it comes to saving and how we think you can reframe them!

  • You Only Live Once “YOLO”

We get it you want to make the most of life today. But what about tomorrow? There can be a balance. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach and your future self doesn’t have to suffer or miss out. Saving is about making a decision to put money aside so that your future self has more options!

  • “I will save what I have left over”

Let’s be real, for most of us, after all our expenses and bills, nights out and shopping there’s not likely to be much (if any) left over to save. Leaving savings to last means it’s our lowest priority, and it’s not likely to happen!

  • “I will start saving next month / pay day”

Putting off saving is another way we self-sabotage and delay reaching our goals.

It is often said that the best time to start saving was yesterday and the second best time is today! Don’t delay tomorrow, what you can do today!

  • “I can’t save much, so what’s the point”

Many people delay saving because of the false perception that they need more to start the process or that saving a small amount won’t make much difference over time. WRONG! If your goal is to save $100 a month, that’s $3.29 [1] a day! $500 a month is $16.44 per day [2]. Breaking it down and you might be surprised how quickly little amounts can grow over time.

Lose the excuses and start saving today!

Remember, with Blossom you can:

  • Get started with as little as $1
  • Set your savings goal
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[1] 1 month = 30.4167 days

[2] 1 month = 30.4167 days