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Reach your savings goals with our savings calculator

15th May 2022

Saving requires you to set aside part of your income in order to accumulate the cash needed to buy the things you want. This could be the latest iPhone, a gaming computer, a cool outfit...anything really.

Saving enough money for the future starts with a plan. Whether you’ve set your sights on a new car, holiday, or emergency fund, chipping away at your expense little by little can help make it a reality.

A calculator can help show you just how achievable goals can be when they’re broken down into small steps. It can also show the impact that small increases to your savings frequency or amounts can have on your ability to reach your goals quicker. You might be surprised!

If you want to map out your savings goals, get clear on when you’ll reach your goal, or see how different savings amounts might help you achieve it sooner, check out Blossom’s saving calculator!

How does the savings calculator work?

  • Enter your initial amount
  • Enter the amount you plan to regularly save i.e top up amount
  • Select the frequency you’ll be saving, and
  • Let the calculator work its magic, giving you a clear savings plan!

Saving for what you want has never been more straightforward. 

Plus, with a targeted return of 3% p.a., Blossom can help you get to where you want sooner. 

See for yourself! Check out the savings calculator here.


Remember, with Blossom you can:

  • Get started with as little as $1
  • Set your savings goal
  • Set up automatic top ups into your Blossom account
  • Watch your savings grow